Growing up in India, it was Dr. Gurpreet Narang’s father who insisted on his daughters’ education. His support and desire for them to be independent women was a great source of inspiration. That along with the courageous story of physicist and chemist Marie Curie, who developed mobile radiography units to treat many a wounded soldiers during WWI, inspired Gurpreet on her path to becoming a physician .

Her healthcare professional journey began in Internal Medicine, but Gurpreet found she liked diagnostic radiology “It’s like putting pieces of a puzzle together,” she says.

Gurpreet loves working with children and has an interest in Pediatric radiology. She has two children of her own, an 8 year old Labradoodle, and the children’s social calendar, it is a rather busy household .

When it comes to the most satisfying part of the job, for Dr. Narang it’s about being part of a team. “The most rewarding times are when you get to have discussions around patient care and see the positive way in which radiology contributes to patient management,” she says. It’s a non-stop learning experience.

When she’s not practicing medicine, Dr Narang’s family love going on hikes, growing their own vegetables in the garden and make the most of what Northern BC has to offer.

“I would love to read more ” she admits, and consumes at least a book a month. “Last winter I knit some hats for charity, so that was fun.”