Radiologist Feature

Dr. Brown grew up around horses, believing she’d become a large animal vet, just like the acclaimed veterinary surgeon James Herriot of “All Creatures Great and Small” fame. However, she was drawn to people and fascinated with the miracle of the human body, ultimately leading her to switch focus to medicine.While doing her internship in Ottawa, Maura met a Radiologist, Dr Rebecca Peterson MD, FRCPC. Dr. Peterson proved to be a fountain of knowledge; a resource for every specialty in medicine, trainees and staff alike, and a kind and supportive teacher. At a time when there weren’t many women in medicine—especially not in specialties like Radiology—she was an inspiring role model for Maura, who now works at BC Cancer.

The most rewarding part of her day is working with clinical colleagues as an integral part of the patient care team.  At BC Cancer, the imaging assessment Radiologists provide directly helps the clinicians care for their patientsexamples include biopsies to obtain a tissue diagnosis, a CT or MRI to assess treatment response or help determine if a patient meets criteria for a drug trial, and imaging guided interventional procedures.

Maura quotes one of the medical oncologists who recently told her, “you Radiologists are so important to us; you are our eyes.” to illustrate how integral Radiologists are to the patient care team, and how much this has evolved over the last couple of decades. As technology has advanced over the last 2-3 decades, imaging has become much faster, more accurate, and more central within the health care system. One of Maura’s favourite parts of the job as a Radiologist at BC Cancer is being involved in weekly multidisciplinary conferences where specialists from all over the province gather to discuss best management for a large number of different diseases and challenging cases. 

In her spare time, Maura is also a mom with three children, two of whom are studying Engineering at University, the youngest still in high school. She and her husband both work outside the home, and while they find at times the work-life balance can be a challenge, both aspects make for one very fulfilling life. Maura credits her job in Radiology and how it’s structured as being the key to making it work. As a family, they seek adventure and active holidays; skiing from Whistler to Sun Peaks and Big White, road cycling abroad and at home, and hiking the Lower Mainland and Kootenays. Just prior to lockdown in 2020, Maura even completed her first triathlon with her son at UBC. Appreciating those exhilarating moments along with the quieter ones at home, curled up with a good book and balanced by her Radiology work, gives Maura an incredible sense of being just where she’s meant to be.