Radiologist feature

Dr. Shivani Gupta got into medicine to help people. As cliché as that sounds, it’s a powerful driving force in Shivani’s life.

“As a radiologist, I can make an impact in the management of a patient’s medical health,” says Shivani. “Whether it is something unexpected or confirming what was already known, being able to contribute to a patient’s care brings me great satisfaction.”

But it is not just all reading studies and making diagnoses that will impact a patient’s medical journey. “We interact with patients during procedures such as biopsies—another part of my job that I enjoy!”

When she’s not striving to be a positive influence in her work interactions, Shivani and her radiologist husband prioritize family: their three littles, 4 ½ year old Sam, 2 ½ year old Serena, and 2 ½ month old Shaun. “They keep my husband and I on our toes!” she admits. Ensuring a work and life balance to get enough quality time with the kids and each other is important to the Gupta-Swain family, and keeps them invigorated for their intensive careers. Shivani says her kids’ favourite activities are travelling, spending time at Science World or traversing the Capilano Suspension Bridge. The family’s other favourite outing is going to White Rock Pier to see the trains and have ice cream.

In her spare time, Shivani enjoys “baking, travelling, and seeking out new and unique restaurants and cafés. I love a good donut and you will find me all over the Lower Mainland trying to find the next best one.” She also loves being outdoors and around the ocean. “Mt. Cheam is a favourite, and when I had a bit more free time, I’d spend my weekends hiking.”

A secret passion of Shivani’s is event planning. “I love planning birthday parties especially! My kids certainly don’t complain. Sam has already taken my lead and will start researching and planning themes for next birthday party 364 days in advance.”

Travel is special to the Gupta-Swain family, and there is plenty of it in their future (when COVID allows again). Perhaps because Shivani’s expansive world view is thanks to having travelled a lot herself. “I’ve lived outside Canada for a third of my life. Perhaps the most memorable and significant was my time in Dublin, Ireland where I went to medical school. There is something extra special about teeny Irish villages where you will always find a pub, even if there’s no grocery store for miles.” On her bucket list is Peru, Chile and South Africa. In the meantime, her patients are grateful to have her expertise and attention.