Radiologist Feature

Dr. Linda Warren, OBC, MD, FRCPC, FACR, FSBI is known within her field of radiology by colleagues and patients for more than just the number of initials after her name that signify an incredible education and long, accomplished career. Dr. Warren is dubbed as one of the most positive, dignified, and hardworking radiologists in B.C. 

Dr. Warren collaborated with the BC Cancer Agency to design and establish the first mammography screening program in Canada. As Clinical Professor of Radiology in the UBC Faculty, Dr. Warren has had the opportunity to train the radiology residents in breast imaging over the past 40 years, many of whom have gone on to practice and take leadership roles in the community.

Her belief in the necessity of patience and perseverance for personal strength is admirable, reflected in her dedication to her patients and her guiding principle in work — and in life — has always been to employ compassion and empathy. From working with colleagues to putting herself in her patients’ shoes, Dr. Warren strives to embody integrity. As a radiologist, it’s also imperative that she is thorough and accurate; lives depend on it, and are just some of the qualities that have made her revered in her field.

When interviewed by colleague Paula Gordon, OBC, MD, FRCPC, FSBI for the Society of Breast Imaging, Dr. Warren credits much to her parents’ support. “They encouraged me and thought I would be good at [medicine] with no reservations. Those were the years when there were few women physicians: in my graduating class of 60, only three of us were women.”

Aside from a pioneering career, in her spare time, Dr. Warren values “as much time as possible outdoors” which affords her the ability to “maintain vitality while working hard.” She loves all manner of water sports from swimming to windsurfing, as well as hiking, running and skiing. Dr. Warren has even dabbled in modern and ballroom dancing, as well as plays the piano. She counts travel as a passion and attempts to partake in cultural activities such as theater or musical performances whenever possible for a well-rounded and balanced approach to life. Something we can all strive for.