Early detection saves lives by detecting breast cancers when they are small and have not yet spread through the body. Early detection allows less toxic, gentler therapies to be used – less extensive surgery and the use of drugs and treatments that have fewer and less severe side effects. Digital mammography using Tomosynthesis is a new technology that is not widely available for use in British Columbia. Like digital mammography alone, it uses low-dose X-rays to capture images of the breast tissue. However, with Tomosynthesis the X-ray machine rotates in an arc to capture multiple images of the tissue from many different angles, which produces a more detailed picture, since standard mammography takes only two images.

The use of mammography using Tomosynthesis is a proven technology that has the potential to detect cancer earlier and is in wide use across Canada. Yet, it is not readily available for
use in British Columbia.

Invasive cancer detection increased 40%.
Cancer detection increased 27%.
False positives decreased 15%

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among Canadian women.

Why mammography with Tomosynthesis: 

With the use of mammography using Tomosynthesis:

We all deserve access to life saving medical imaging.

Facing Stage IV Breast Cancer at 32: Carmen Hou’s Story

Six months after Carmen Hou gave birth to her healthy baby girl, Evelyn, in January 2016, she noticed two tiny lumps on her left breast. She and her husband thought they were related to breastfeeding at first. After an ultrasound revealed nothing out of the ordinary, it wasn’t until the following winter that Carmen experienced tiny shocks in her chest and upon returning to the doctors, tests confirmed her worst fears: she had breast cancer.

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