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Have you ever had an X-Ray, CT, MRI, an ultrasound, or a mammogram?

Then a radiologist was involved with the outcome of your exam. Whether interpreting your study behind-the-scenes or in-person consult, their involvement set your life on a new course. Sharing your experience can inspire and help others in their health journey, because knowing you're not alone may make all the difference. 

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In its simplest terms, Radiology is an essential branch of medicine that uses medical imaging by way of X-rays, ultrasound and magnetic resonance to diagnose and treat diseases. 

What is Radiology?

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"We got into it for the community and to serve. To help people - and we do." 

“I ran almost every day growing up, but it was only coming to Vancouver that rekindled my love for the outdoors, being in the fresh air, alone with my thoughts,” 

DR. Farnquist

Radiologist Feature:
Dr. Klass

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